Eyes are the windows to the soul, they should be properly framed. Eye and brow decoration has a long-standing popularity. The Egyptians have the strongest history for eye makeup and eyebrow styles. Eyebrow styles have had some variations over the years, but keeps returning to a more natural look. Trendy eyebrow styles come and go, then look dated, but a natural-looking brow with medium thickness and medium arch will always look pleasing. Keeping the eyebrow up in correct position with a slight playful arch maintains a youthful appearance. Small modifications are made to balance facial features and shape of face. Eyebrow shaping is important; it should be done in shaping tricks

Brows After Care


Avoid the use of sunbeds, swimmingpools, sauna's and products that contain perfume for at least 24 hours after your procedure.


Avoid using make-up around the brow area for 24 hours.


Avoid any exfoliating, bleaching or thinning products for atleast 72 hours.


Avoid self tanning products on the brow, it may alter your brow colour.


Avoid harsh cleansing products on the brow.


Try to avoid tweezing in between appointments; especially in the areas your technician has advised re-growth.


Follow your technicians recommendations below to maintain your perfect brow shape.



Eyebrow threading is a depilation technique which originated in India, although it is also widely practiced in the Middle East. Salons in Western nations offered the service to Middle Eastern clients for decades before European and American women became interested and the popularity of eyebrow threading skyrocketed. The hair removal technique is not just for the eyebrows: threading can be used to remove other facial and body hair as well.





Matching the color of your eyebrows to the color of your hair is important. If you dye your hair, you should consider tinting your eyebrows so that both colors go together.



  • For pale or thin eyebrows, try tinting as it looks more natural than an eyebrow pencil. Just be sure to use a professional, licensed cosmetologist, and never try tinting at home. You don't want to risk your eyesight, just for beauty!


  • Embrace the natural shape of your eyebrows and don't try to change them completely. You are born with the correct eyebrow shape for your face, so let it guide you.


  • Preview the look of your eyebrows before shaping by hiding the hairs with a white eyeliner pencil.


  • Avoid overdoing eyebrow shaping, as less is truly better. Thin eyebrows tend to make your face look instantly older.


  • Tweezing is usually more effective than waxing as the wax process can lead to a change in the hair direction and skin texture if overused.


  • Ultimately the point of eyebrow shaping is to adjust the viewer's focus away from your eyebrows, to your eyes instead.


  • While it is not preferred to completely change your eyebrow structure, you can make minor changes to what nature recommended in order to alter some eye appearances. For example, remove a few extra hairs from your eyebrows at the starting point to make close-set eyes appear wider.


  • Consider permanent makeup techniques if you have very sparse eyebrows.