With so much attention being lavished on hands and feet, and given our comprehensive range of choices, it is hardly surprising that treatments and therapies for hands, feet, and nails are among our most popular services. These include specialised paraffin treatments, exfoliating masks, spa treatments and solar treatments.



Our range includes both essential care as well as popular trends like French manicure/pedicures - either on its own, or in combination with each other. For customers who prefer organic alternatives, we also offer a unique herbal exfoliating version.



With a choice of two types Acrylic and Gel - our gel-based nail sets change the shape and transform the appearance of hands. Services include tips, overlays, refills and removals. Beautiful hands can be achieved almost instantly with acrylic nails, and we stock a wide variety that covers overlays, tips and refills.



For women who desire something extra special, our range of temporary crystals and nail art provides sparkle, glitter and glamour.






To look their best, nails have to be maintained with constant care, and we offer associated services such as polish changing and natural nail repair.